What You Should Know About Anal Bleaching

Since bikinis and lingerie have become popular, more people are now becoming aware of their bodies. This has made people realize that their buttocks are darker than the ones they usually see on the screens. As a result, they have jumped on the booty beauty train. If you are thinking about bleaching your anus, here is everything that you need.

What is It?

Well, anal bleaching is pretty straightforward. It is just bleaching your anus so that its complexion can blend in with the complexion of the rest of your body. There are several methods that you can use to lighten the complexion of your anus. One of the most popular and easiest ways you can do this is by using a skin lightening cream. These creams temporarily inhibit the production of melanin hence giving your butt a temporary light complexion.

Do You Need Multiple Treatments?

Making your butt look lighter in complexion cannot be done with a single treatment. This is because once you bleach your butt if it gets exposed to ultraviolet rays, it might even get darker than it was before you lightened it. Bleaching your anus will, therefore, become something that you will have to do routinely to have a perfect looking butt throughout.

Risks Involved

anal bleachingYou might ask yourself, are there any risks involved? Well, the answer is yes. According to dermatologists and gynecologists, anal bleaching has some risks involved, although most spas always deny this. However, these risks are usually minimal. Some of these risks include skin irritation, scarring, and burning.

Does it hurt?

Well, this will depend on the type of product that you are using. To ensure that you are safe, you should look for bleaching products that are safe and contain ingredients that are approved by dermatologists. Avoid any bleaching product that contains hydroquinone.

Different Methods

There are many ways you can achieve a light butt. Apart from using bleaching creams, you can also see a cosmetic surgeon. If you choose surgery, your surgeon will destroy the layers of the skin that produce melanin through the use of extreme temperatures. This method is known as cryosurgery. You can also undergo laser treatment.

This procedure involves the use of high powered lasers to remove the melanin layer on your butt. Laser treatment and cryosurgery are very effective than bleaching creams because they deliver results quickly. However, you have to ensure that you go through a qualified doctor.