Choosing A Baby Bassinet


There are various types of bassinets in the market today. They are classified depending on the shape, material that makes them and whether they have wheels or not. When buying a bassinet for your young one, you have to be sure to choose the right one that will fit the intended needs. You will need to consider some tips in settling for the right choice.

Tips for choosing a baby bassinet


When buying a bassinet for your baby, it is important to get one that meets the industrial safety standards. You can determine this by ensuring that the manufacturers association certifies it. Check out websites to know the brands that are certified before purchasing a bassinet. For bassinets with wheels, test the wheels and straps to ensure your baby will be safe.


Bassinets make traveling with babies great. A bassinet can be double as a car seat depending on the brand. When buying them choose one that can be moved from one location to the next with ease. Depending on your preferred design and structure, the bassinet should be able to wheel the baby around easily.


Check out the mattress of the baby bassinet for comfort. It should not be too firm nor too soft. You can test this by pressing the mattress using your fingers. Mattresses that are too soft will allow your finger to sink easily while the ones that are too firm will barely move. The mattress should also fit snugly in the bassinet frame with no overlaps or gaps. Space should not be bigger than a finger and can be tested by inserting your finger into the gap between the frame and the mattress.


Bassinets should be left in free space. Most bassinets are usually portables, but the area to place it most of the time factored in. Ensure that the doorways, hallways, and passageways are broad enough to allow your baby bassinet pass through.


Unscrupulous dealers always try to make the most of the customers, and you should be aware of this. The price range of a bassinet is between fifty-four dollar and five hundred dollars. Check However if the price matches the safety features of the baby bassinet you buy.


The bassinetrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsturdiness of the baby bassinet is another point that should not be forgotten as this will ensure your baby is stable while inside the bassinet. The wheels should also have a locking mechanism, sturdy legs, and leg lock to avoid collapsing. Swaying bassinets should also be locked to ensure the baby is safe.

For your child’s safety, a bassinet is necessary. Choosing one, however, proves to be a daunting task to most parents. Make use of these tips to get the best bassinet that will ensure your baby is safe and sound during the first four months before they can start crawling around.