What You Should Know About Anal Bleaching

Since bikinis and lingerie have become popular, more people are now becoming aware of their bodies. This has made people realize that their buttocks are darker than the ones they usually see on the screens. As a result, they have jumped on the booty beauty train. If you are thinking about bleaching your anus, here is everything that you need.

What is It?

Well, anal bleaching is pretty straightforward. It is just bleaching your anus so that its complexion can blend in with the complexion of the rest of your body. There are several methods that you can use to lighten the complexion of your anus. One of the most popular and easiest ways you can do this is by using a skin lightening cream. These creams temporarily inhibit the production of melanin hence giving your butt a temporary light complexion.

Do You Need Multiple Treatments?

Making your butt look lighter in complexion cannot be done with a single treatment. This is because once you bleach your butt if it gets exposed to ultraviolet rays, it might even get darker than it was before you lightened it. Bleaching your anus will, therefore, become something that you will have to do routinely to have a perfect looking butt throughout.

Risks Involved

anal bleachingYou might ask yourself, are there any risks involved? Well, the answer is yes. According to dermatologists and gynecologists, anal bleaching has some risks involved, although most spas always deny this. However, these risks are usually minimal. Some of these risks include skin irritation, scarring, and burning.

Does it hurt?

Well, this will depend on the type of product that you are using. To ensure that you are safe, you should look for bleaching products that are safe and contain ingredients that are approved by dermatologists. Avoid any bleaching product that contains hydroquinone.

Different Methods

There are many ways you can achieve a light butt. Apart from using bleaching creams, you can also see a cosmetic surgeon. If you choose surgery, your surgeon will destroy the layers of the skin that produce melanin through the use of extreme temperatures. This method is known as cryosurgery. You can also undergo laser treatment.

This procedure involves the use of high powered lasers to remove the melanin layer on your butt. Laser treatment and cryosurgery are very effective than bleaching creams because they deliver results quickly. However, you have to ensure that you go through a qualified doctor.

white teeth

Dental Care: Maintaining White Teeth

One of the natural expressions, when somebody is happy, is smiling. Some of the benefits of smiling are relieving stress, breaking the tension, influencing health and making people look more attractive. In fact, smiles are contagious. However, there are cases when there is an element of embarrassment when people smile. The main reason that can lead to this embarrassment is poor dental health.

Poor dental health can result, among other issues, in yellowing of teeth. All is not lost. There are steps that we can take to remedy the situation and get back our teeth white. To properly maintain your teeth and maintain their white color, the following tips are important:

Avoid exposure to staining elements

Teeth staining foodBeverages and drinks such as red wines, tea, and coffee are some of the products that increase the staining of our teeth. Dentists advise that if these beverages and drinks cannot be avoided, always use a straw in order for the front teeth to be bypassed by the liquid. Secondly, thoroughly brush the teeth and rinse the mouth as soon as you have finished consuming the drinks.

Observing good oral hygiene practices

It is recommended that our teeth are brushed at least twice daily. Flossing should be done daily to help remove plaque and finally, the mouth should be rinsed daily with an antiseptic. When flossing is done regularly, they help reduce cavities, prevention of bad breath and are key to maintaining the color of the teeth to white. Rinsing with the antiseptic helps in killing the bacteria that are responsible for causing plaque. Finally, use of good toothpaste helps remove the stains on the surface of the teeth and prevents and slows down yellowing.

Touch-up treatments

This will depend on the whitening method that is used. A touch-up may be done either after every 6 or 24 months. For people who smoke or drink beverage that stain the teeth, a touch up should be done more regularly.

Eating a teeth healthy diet

Always avoid foods that are highly and sugary. When you eat foods that are healthy, then the enamel is protected, and bacteria are prevented from forming in the mouth. Examples of foods that are healthy to the teeth are fruits and vegetables, milk, nuts, cheese, chicken, etc. As mentioned above, limit intake of beverages that contribute to staining of the teeth such as coffee.

Quit smoking

teethSmoking is not just bad for the lungs and heart, but also for the mouth, gums, and teeth. Smoking has also been found to cause bad breath and discoloration of the teeth, an increase of plaque and buildup of tartar. All these effects expose the teeth canals to diseases and increase the risk of one having tooth decay.

In conclusion, treatment procedures that help whiten the teeth are not permanent. They are just temporary because, after whitening, it takes less than a month for staining to start. It is important that people avoid exposing their teeth to factors that cause staining. Avoiding beverages and foods that contribute to staining of teeth is paramount. Basically, the color of our teeth boils down to our lifestyles. This is a rule of thumb in dental care: maintaining white teeth.


Anal Bleaching Creams – How To Make The Best Purchase

If you still think that anal and vaginal bleaching is exclusively reserved for those in the adult entertainment industry, you are sorely mistaken. These days, many people, both male and female, decide to bleach and whiten their private parts, so as to improve their aesthetic appearance, as well as avoid certain health issues. Not too long ago, if someone wanted to bleach their anus, vagina or underarm, they had to visit a beauty salon or a spa. However, nowadays they can just visit their local cosmetic store and buy bleaching creams.

A cautious purchase

If you are interested in purchasing these creams, keep in mind that there are still some of them that contain harsh chemicals that can damage your skin and cause various health issues. Even though the majority of modern anal bleaching creams mostly contain exclusively natural ingredients, you should still be cautious when making your purchase, so as to avoid the chemical-based ones. For that matter, you should familiarize yourself with some tips on how to choose the best anal bleaching cream, and safely and effectively bleach your anus within the privacy of your own home.

Start by checking the ingredients

jhfdjhd74The most important part of choosing pretty much any cosmetic or health product is to check the ingredients. The same goes for anal bleaching creams, as well. For starters, try to look for the creams that contain either niacinamide, alpha arbutin or both. The main reason why you should look for these two is that they are very effective and safe.

Their most important property is that they are highly effective at inhibiting melanin, which causes the discoloration, from forming and coming back later. When combined and applied topically, these ingredients create a potent weapon for dealing with any kind of skin discoloration. Another one of their benefits is the fact that they are not acid-based. This makes them perfectly safe for your skin, as they won’t cause any redness, rashness or burning sensations.

Avoid hydroquinone and acid-based creams

This one is also in relation to the ingredients. Whatever you do, do not go for the creams that contain hydroquinone, glycolic or kojic acid. Even though these ingredients are proven highly effective for skin bleaching, they are not safe for use. The reason why you should avoid these is the fact that they are simply too strong for the skin. More often than not, they can cause severe irritations, as well as skin peeling.

Given how the majority of anal bleaching creams contain these ingredients, make sure to take your time to find the ones that don’t. Also, keep in mind that some of these ingredients will not only burn and irritate your skin but also make it darker that it was before. You should avoid hydroquinone especially, as it is known to contribute to the development of various skin conditions and even cancer.

Go natural and read the reviews

To get the best results and protect your skin from a variety of issues, use nothing but 100% natural creams. There is a good number of them that contain extracts of herbs that have been used for centuries, for various skin issues. Keep in mind that, in order to find them, you will have to conduct a search of your own. Take your time and try to consult with a number of experienced dermatologists.

Also, make sure to go online and read a good deal of unbiased reviews and impressions of other users. Last, but not least, purchase only from reputable brands and avoid those that you know nothing about.

Take a look at the anal bleaching timeline below:

Anal Bleaching Guide’s Skin Whitening Graph & Chart
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